NSW planning legislation and local Councils have comprehensive and complex requirements for Development Application (DA) lodgement. Proper preparation of a development application can avoid costly time delays and lead to a quicker approval. A development application (DA) submission that comprehensively addresses all legal town planning and Heritagerequirements means that the development application stands a better chance to withstand scrutiny at both Council and, if necessary, the Land & Environment Court. Our town planners will help you understand the complex NSW planning legislation and devise strategies to get the necessary approvals.

The Development Application (DA) process & Project Management 

If you want to manage your project yourself, our town planner can recommend experts architects, urban designers, acoustic / traffic /stormwater engineers, environmental scientists, landscape architects etc. to help you with your Development Application (DA).

Our urban planners can also help you by 'project managing' the entire DA approval process by working closely with, and coordinating, other specialists such as architects, engineers, surveyors, solicitors to submit complete development applications (from attending pre-development application lodgement (pre-DA) meetings with Councils > planning approval > construction approval > occupation approval > operation) for all types of development applications (DA) such as:

  • State Significant Development (SSD)
  • Development Applications prepare development application (DA) to get Council approval for all types of developments including (but not limited to) the following: 
    • Changes of use to existing building e.g. residential to retail / commercial / industrial and vice versa
    • Home businesses / occupations
    • Alterations and additions (renovations) to single dwellings (homes) and other buildings (commercial / retail /industrial)
    • Fitout & use of all types of new residential, commercial / retail, industrial developments
    • Multi-unit and mixed use developments (duplexes, triplexes, town houses / villas, residential flat buildings)
    • Section 82A Reviews and Section 96 Modifications to modify / review Council determinations
    • Preparation of State Environmental Planning Policy 1 (SEPP 1) Objections / Clause 4.6 Variation
    • Torrens title , stratum & strata subdivision
    • Childcare Centres
    • Backpackers / Hostels / boarding house accommodation
    • Seniors Housing & Affordable Housing

The above are not an exhaustive list of the types of development applications that we can help you with. Contact our town planners for  assistance with your DA.

  • Planning Proposals to rezone your property or area e.g. rezone from residential to commercial, or industrial to residential etc. or apply to allow new land uses permissible in the existing Council zoning.
  • Subdivision applications to subdivide your land into smaller lots, or to combine with neighbouring land to make a bigger land.

Our town planners will also prepare specialist town planning reports, to support your DA, such as

  1. Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE). The SEE is a core component of a development application, and details the development proposal and addressing the requirements of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (the EP&A Act), and any relevant State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPP), Local Environmental Plans (LEP), Master Plans & Development Control Plans (DCP)
  2. Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
  3. Reviews of Environmental Factors (REF)
  4. Master Plans & Development Control Plans (DCP)
  5. Heritage Impact Statements (HIS); which are needed for developments that are located on, within or in proximity to Heritage items or Heritage conservation Areas.
  6. Plan of Management / Operations (POM); which are needed for development applications for uses such as places of public worship (temples, mosques), businesses with late night trading or 24-hour operations (bars, clubs, nightclubs, gyms), boarding houses, child care centres etc.
  7. Parking/ Traffic Management Plan (TMP)
  8. Workplace Travel Plans (WTP)
  9. Planning Due-Diligence & Development Feasibility Report. Our town planning consultant can review Section 149 zoning certificates & planning legislation and Council LEP & DCP to advice & report on the the development potential & constraints of the land, and the potential for redevelopment. It is always recommended to get town planning advice prior to the purchase of property / land. 

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