BASIX Certificates

BASIX or Building Sustainability Index is a scheme introduced in 2004 by the NSW State Government to regulate the energy efficiency of residential developments and aims to reduce water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 40%. It offers an online assessment tool for rating the expected performance of any residential building in terms of thermal comfort, water efficiency and energy usage. 

TP Sydney Town Planners & Heritage Consultants will provide you with BASIX certificates on time and within budget for all types of residential project; from a family home to multi-unit residential flat buildings.  We offer a 'one-stop-shop' solution to your BASIX needs, and our BASIX services include providing the following:

  • BASIX Certificate(s)
  • ABSA Thermal Comfort  Certificate(s)
  • Electronically stamping of architectural drawings in accordance with ABSA requirement
  • NSW State Government fees for BASIX Certificate
  • ABSA fees
  • Amendment to BASIX certificates should you need to change the building design / layout

Please contact TP Sydney Town Planner if you have any questions regarding getting a BASIX Certificate.

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